03– Transforming Nations

What is our role in transforming nations ?

It begins with an internal spiritual transformation,
and progresses to an understanding of our metron
(sphere of influence), our role within society,
and an activation of that role in alignment with
Kingdom principles.

Semester 3 builds on Semesters 1 and 2,
and teaches you about your roles as
change within every sphere of society,
to the uttermost ends of the Earth.

Unit 08 – Kingdom Worship & Intercession
22-The Role of Worshippers & Intercessors 01
23-The Role of Worshippers & Intercessors 02
24-The Role of Worshippers & Intercessors 03

Unit 09 – Apostolic & Prophetic Companies & Functions
25-Role of the Apostle in Society 01
26-Apostolic Companies of Believers

27-Role of the Prophet in Society

Unit 10 – Jubilee Principles
28-The Jubilee Gospel 01

29-The Jubilee Gospel 02
30-The Jubilee Gospel 03

Unit 11 – Kingdom Mercy & Justice
31-Kingdom Mercy and Justice; Leaving a Generational Legacy
32-The Spirit of Mammon
33-Introduction to Interceding for Kingdom Resources