01– Heavenly and Earthly Paradigms

Paradigm = “a distinct set of thought patterns; a model;
a template; a world view”

A correct understanding of Heavenly and Earthly paradigms
is fundamental to our effectiveness as disciples and ultimately
as transformers of nations.

It is only when we see things from Heaven’s perspective that
we can begin to understand what is really happening on the

Earth during these days and times that we live in.

Semester 1 takes us through history (His-Story)
and grounds us firmly in Kingdom perspective. 

Unit 01 – Kingdom Fundamentals
01-Fundamentals of Kingdom Advancement 01
02-Fundamentals of Kingdom Advancement 02
03-Fundamentals of Kingdom Advancement 03

Unit 02 – Kingdom Paradigms
04-Sheep Nations and Kingdom Economics
05-7 Mountains Overview
06-The 7 Churches of Revelation

Unit 03 – Kingdom Government
07-Ekklesia – Releasing God’s Government
08-Apostolic Centres and Hubs
09–Revelatory Streams

Unit 04 – Kingdom Revelation
10-Heavenly Portals and Ancient Gates
11-Spirit, Understanding, Ephphatha
12-Set Apart for Increase