The Tests of Ministry Preparation
– Divine Examination of The Christian Leader’s Heart

The Bible clearly teaches that God tests and tries every ministry which He uses in His kingdom.
When we say that God tests a ministry, we mean that God:

– Uses any means which He Himself knows will determine the presence, quality, or genuineness of His call on someone’s life.
– Assesses and examines the true inner attitudes and motives of those whom He calls, to show whether they are pure or not.
– Puts those He calls into difficult situations which will refine them spiritually.

If you truly desire to serve the Lord, in whatever capacity He assigns you, He will use a variety of character tests to build you and grow you.

God has a very special and unique preparation for each one of His children.
Testing of that preparation is the final step, and it often comes in the middle of the most active ministry.

The very act of testing is itself the final preparation, and can drive you into a deeper relationship with God as nothing else can.
Though God tests His governmental ministries most rigorously, He uses the tests outlined in this session, for all of His people.
Anyone who desires to serve God will grow through these tests and be greatly encouraged through these sessions.

“Let them first be proven (tried, investigated)”
I Timothy 3:10 (Amplified Bible)