04 – Kingdom Enterprise & Economics and 21st Century Missions

The focus of 21st century missions has changed. Kingdom enterprise and Kingdom economics
are now understood as being just as important to the transformation of nations as the Gospel of salvation is.

Effective addressing of global challenges, including the eradication of generationally
entrenched poverty (relational, spiritual, motivational and material) requires a new approach 
that involves an understanding of the interconnected roles of apostles, prophets,
Kingdom entrepreneurs & Kingdom economists.

Semester 4 builds on the previous 3 semesters and rounds out our view
of the world from Heaven’s perspective. Upon completion of this semester
you will be fully equipped to transform your world according to Kingdom principles.

Unit 12 – Kingdom Culture & Economics
34-Worldly Principles v Kingdom Culture
35-Kingdom Economics and True Wealth
36-Kingdom Enterprise and Kingdom Economy – Prophetic Viewpoint

Unit 13 – Divine Overlays
37-The Tribe of Zebulun – Treasures in the Sand
38-Roles of Human Government & NGOs

39-God’s Government

Unit 14 – Kingdom Societal Transformation
40-For the Least of These
41-Fighting Poverty Through Enterprise
42-Real World Projects – Primary & Potential Benefits

R2-Review of Fundamentals of Kingdom Advancement
R3-Ekklesia, Kingdom Enterprise & Economics, Jubilee, 7 Mountains
R4-7 Churches, Apostolic Centres & Hubs


Set Apart for Increase (Commissioning)