Outpouring Ministries
– Making a difference in a world full of desperate need
– Mercy and justice projects in developing nations

– Outpouring Ministries is a registered
not-for-profit organisation and charity.

– Outpouring Ministries is a partner for Project J1025N
– Safe House Sunderban – with Global Development Group
(ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian NGO
approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Gamogagolo worship and Ministry Centre
– PNG branch of Global Influencers located in Central Province.
  this is a vibrant community with hundreds of members
  that is impacting a large region with the Gospel of the Kingdom,
  with signs and wonders following.

21CE (21st Century Essentials)
– Singapore branch of Global Influencers

SSDS (Sanctuary Supernatural Discipleship School)
– Sister school to Global Influencers
– Imparts basics of the faith,
principles of supernatural discipleship,
  prayer, worship, leadership,
  24/7 prayer, and revival studies

Global RestoreNet
– Global prayer team : connect & cover; transforming nations
  through spirit-led intercession & worship

Coming Soon
Global Influencers National Training Centre :
based in Port Moresby PNG. Training, equipping,
and releasing spiritual, economic, and community leaders
from all 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea
to facilitate and accelerate the advancement
of the Kingdom of God from grassroots to government
across every sphere of society.

Global Influencers Invest : Kingdom Purpose, Global Outcomes
Global Influencers Invest is the Kingdom Investment branch
of Outpouring Ministries. It is a combination
of Kingdom Financial Strategies that allows investors
to engage their capital and to be actively involved
in Kingdom Societal Transformation in every nation.