Global Influencers


OVERVIEW : Christians are called to change culture from the inside out until the Kingdom of God is fully expressed through all facets of society; so that people of every tribe, nation, and tongue are given the opportunity to prosper spiritually, economically, and in every other area of human endeavour. Jesus referred to this as the Gospel of the Kingdom.

GLOBAL INFLUENCERS : is more than a school of ministry. It is a community of Spirit filled, passionate believers who are engaged in shifting global paradigms and activating apostolic companies of believers to implement real time, real world Kingdom transformation.

GLOBAL INFLUENCERS : will train and equip you to become a transformer of society at every level. You will learn worship, intercessory, apostolic, prophetic, economic, and entrepreneurial principles that, when combined, will create a Spirit-fuelled framework to enable powerful and effective Kingdom strategies across all 7 mountains of culture.

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